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The Assignment In a 3- to 4-page paper... Employee engagement surveys are valuable tools for health care organizations. These surveys provide insights on how employees truly feel about their organization, leaders, and workplace environment. Administrators must learn how to interpret data from these surveys and respond accordingly. For this Assignment, you examine results of an employee survey and consider how you might respond if you were managing the organization.

To prepare for this Assignment: Review the “Metro Dental Services Employee Engagement Survey” and “Survey Interpretation”

1. Examine the results from the employee survey.

2. What is the data saying about the health of the organization?

3.How might you celebrate high engagement scores and improve low engagement scores?

4. Analyze the health of the organization in the scenario. Be sure to identify areas of strength and areas that need improvement according to the employee engagement survey.

5.Develop a plan to improve low engagement scores and celebrate high engagement scores.

Expert Answer

Employee Engagement Surveys

Analysis of the Metro Dental Services Employee Engagement Survey Results

Based on the Metro Dental Services Employee Engagement Survey, the forgoing results reflects a lot of progress in the areas covered by the survey as well  . . . .

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